From Nature to Your Skin

  • Are You Suffering from Dandruff? Have You Had Enough? You Should Read This

    At Kamedis we have developed an Anti-Dandruff kit that provides the ultimate treatment for an itchy and flaky scalp that is both quick and effective.

    We’re so confident in the abilities of our Anti-Dandruff kit because we can be! 

  • This Anti-Dandruff Kit is Driving Everyone Crazy. Here's Why

    It all starts with cleaning. You'll be surprised to discover the ingredient responsible for thorough cleansing of the scalp is actually a plant called soapberry – "nature's soap".

    Another plant found in the shampoo is Indigo, that has proven to be effective in preventing the increase of skin cells.

  • 6 Reasons Why to Get This Amazing Acne Kit

    Many believe that skincare products based on botanicals are probably "too weak" to really handle the issue in hand, but this couldn't be further from the truth.

    These botanicals are powerful and have proven effectiveness for thousands of years, which is why we’ve selected specific botanicals to create the skin care solutions your skin needs.

  • How to Finally Treat Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis)!

    We’re sure you already feel as though you’ve tried everything there is to try, but we’re here to provide you with a few more tips you might not know about yet.

    Try following all these tips and tricks in conjunction with a good skin care routine in order to give your skin the best chance at soothing relief.

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  • How to Get Your Best Skin Ever (and Prevent Future Breakouts)

    Our clinical trials proved that within 12 hours of using our Acne Treatment, pimples and acne breakouts are visibly diminished (WOW. Talk about a GAME CHANGER!). How do we do it? Botanicals. That’s how! By using botanicals as the driving force behind treating the skin, we’re able to use less chemicals than what is typical and provide a treatment that is delicate yet still powerful. Which allows even those with sensitive skin to get results without having to make any sacrifices (#NoBurn).
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