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  • Kamedis' Acne Cleanser: An Effective Over-the-Counter Solution Featured on

    We're delighted to share that our Acne Cleanser has been highlighted in an article as an effective over-the-counter solution for managing acne. Our cleanser, enriched with salicylic acid, is recognized for its ability to maintain clear skin. Alongside salicylic acid, our cleanser incorporates soothing botanical ingredients that help alleviate skin inflammation. At Kamedis, we are dedicated to offering safe and effective solutions for those dealing with acne-prone skin.
  • Kamedis' Eczema Therapy Cream: A Top Pick for Eczema Relief on

    We're excited to share that Kamedis' Eczema Therapy Cream has been recognized in a article as one of the top products for eczema relief. Our unique blend of botanicals, including Rhubarb, is celebrated for its skin-soothing properties. Our Eczema Therapy Cream, free from steroids, parabens, and dyes, is a safe and effective choice for those managing eczema. We're proud to offer a solution that brings relief and improves the quality of life for our customers.
  • Kamedis: Leading the Way in Herbal Skin Care as Featured in HealthXWire

    Check out this article on HealthXWire that features Kamedis as a pioneer in herbal skin care. The article discusses the benefits of herbal skin care and highlights our Acne Treatment – Kamedis® line, which features CLEAR Botaniplex™, a proprietary patented formulation containing six vital botanicals known for their potential anti-inflammatory properties and their ability to prevent breakouts. Our products are registered with the FDA, and clinical studies supporting their effectiveness are available on our website.
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