Which Holiday Sweets Can I Eat if I Have Acne?

With all the sweet foods around during the holiday season, temptation is lurking at almost every corner.

A lot of people blame their oily complexion and pimples on sugar. And indeed, certain things we eat can definitely affect the way our skin reacts.

While we do recommend you indulge yourself every once in a while, we are also here to remind you that a healthy diet is important for your body – and specifically your skin.

When our body consumes too much sugar, our insulin hormones go up, and many believe this to be directly related to the condition of acne.

So, if you have oily-prone skin, make sure to enjoy those holiday sweets moderately. And more importantly – know that there are some sweet treats that are way better for you than others!

The trick is to satisfy your sweet tooth with the right foods. These you can easily find at any health food store.

Also, take this opportunity and be creative! There are many great recipes online for some truly delicious, sweet foods, such as: crispy honey bananas, vegan chocolate cookies, homemade marshmallows and a lot more!

So make sure you enjoy the holidays and eat some sweet foods that put a smile on your face, just do it the way that is the friendliest to your face.


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