How to Prevent Eczema from Getting in the Way of a New (Or Any) Relationship | Guest Blog

Intimacy while living with eczema can be a sensitive topic.

You know the feeling. You start seeing someone amazing, and everything is going great, but just when you're about to get close with them you close off?

Even if it's not with someone new, intimacy with a long-term partner can be tricky when you're distracted by making movies in your head about how your eczema  will interfere or how you think your eczema affects your partner.

Well, I know the feeling. But I've learned that this lack of confidence and over self-awareness is a bigger problem than my eczema is.

Honesty and Openness Are Key

Believe me, I know it's super hard (and awkward) to talk about eczema  with a new partner or even with someone you've already been with for awhile.

Other than the fact that you can't really ignore this topic, you shouldn't want to!

Opening up about the elephant in the room, will help you realize there isn't one! And you are very desirable in your partner's eyes, regardless of flare-ups on your skin.

No matter what your skin is like, it's not really the problem, as your partner finds you attractive on so many other levels. Opening up this conversation will help you realize that your partner cares for you and wants you to feel comfortable in your own skin.

This is also a great opportunity to let them know of any specific sensitive/itchy areas so they can be sure to steer clear and not add to the aggravation.

If until now, your eczema created a distance between you and your partner, now it will create a new level of familiarity and closeness.

Accept Yourself & Be Creative

Self-acceptance, self-care and self-love can help us happily receive care and love from others.

It is important that you dedicate time for your self – do things you love doing alone, activities that make you feel good and peaceful.

I hope I helped you understand the benefits of opening up to your partner (new or old) about your eczema. You'll soon realize that they also want the best for you and want you to feel the most comfortable. Just give them the chance.

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