Your Guide to Treating your Skin During the Changing Season

Just as we change our clothing during the transitioning seasons, it is essential that we refocus our skincare. Weather is one of the biggest factors that affect our skin. In the winter, we can experience a higher level of dryness for example and in the summer, we can experience more oiliness than usual due to excessive sweating. 

Farewell Winter , Hello Spring!

It is now April, the highlight of spring and we are slowly making our way into summer. Depending on where you live, this means higher levels of humidity which therefore hints at higher levels of sweating. Our pores get clogged more than usual and dirt and sebum build-up regardless of the kind of skin type you have. That is why it is essential you use the right products to cleanse and leave your skin refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen!

Skincare is of no use if we do not wear the necessary SPF to cover and protect our skin. This is prevalent even more so during the summer as UV-rays are higher than ever and exposure to the sun is felt on a constant basis. 

Take into consideration the various sunscreens needed to protect your skin type. For example, some prefer a mineral-based sunscreen as perhaps they are more sensitive to the ingredients to one based on a chemical formula. Others prefer a chemical-based sunscreen because they feel the ingredients work effectively to protect their skin. 

Summer is almost here, and the bugs are coming out to play…

The switch from spring to summer means the heat is going up making all those little bugs and creatures more comfortable than ever. An increase in mosquito and bug bites is heading our way that can swell up and lead to rashes. The first thing to remember is to always have that bug spray handy not only when going on camping trips.

When you do experience those excessive bites, however, make sure to have the Kamedis Calming Lotion handy. 

This is a quick-relief lotion based on herbs from traditional Chinese medicine. This is a must-have product that comes in a convenient size so you can take it anywhere on the go. It allows for immediate relief and soothes the skin affected by bites and other irritations we experience during the summer. Not only does it help make the bitten area disappear, but it also prevents further inflammation of the affected area. 

The formula is based on a concentrated and exclusive herbal compound. You’ll notice this, especially in the earthy color of the skin as opposed to the traditional white creams you see in the pharmacy.  

The best thing is that it is suited for adults, children, and babies ages six months and older. 


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