Treatment for Dry Feet in the Winter

Does the dry weather have you suffering from dry feet? Or is the dry weather making your already dry feet even dryer?

We totally get it! The dry winter air has us all running towards the cream and lotions isles at the store.  When looking for the right cream, there’s a different type of consistency/absorbency one needs depending on where (and when) you are wanting to apply.

When it comes to the face, people tend to prefer thicker lotions at night (for longer moisturizing) and lighter ones in the morning (to not feel like you have heavy skin throughout the day).

When it comes to the feet, the most important aspect (aside from effectiveness) is absorption! Whether in the morning, in the middle of the day or at night the second you put cream on, you are kind of stuck from moving around too much and are limited from putting on big fuzzy socks!

This is why our Hydrating Gel-Cream for Feet instantly hydrates dry feet and absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving a greasy feel! This is awesome because now you can treat your feet and not have to sit waiting for them to dry before being able to put on cozy slippers by the fire, or getting up and continuing on with your day!

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