Traditional Chinese Medicine - Happy Chinese New Year!

The term “Traditional Chinese Medicine” can mean multiple things. At Kamedis, when we talk about Traditional Chinese Medicine, we’re not talking about acupuncture, we’re talking about botanicals. Botanicals that have been used for hundreds and thousands of years. Talk about research!

We currently use 12 different botanicals to continuously create different combinations to best relieve different skin conditions. These are what help Kamedis stand out from the crowd of generic, copy/paste brands that sit alongside Kamedis on the store shelves. We use a formula that is unique to Kamedis and unique to your skin.

Whether you are looking to control dandruff, clear acne or calm eczema, our proven botanicals from Traditional Chinese Medicine are among the ingredients that provide you with relief. You can check out which botanicals are used in the product you’re using on the individual product pages or see a full list here.

So we would like to say Happy Chinese New Year! And to take a second to appreciate the access we have to so many wonderful Traditional Chinese Medicine botanicals that are helping us create a new Over The Counter culture!

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