Letting Your Hair Down This Fall


Summer is the time of ponytails and French braids, fall is the time of long, down and flowy! Don’t deny it, girl! There’s nothing better than leaving the house with your hair bouncing down and around the new scarf you got for this fall. There should be nothing holding you back from enjoying all that fall has to offer and with cold autumn breezes brushing across your face, wearing your hair down is not just cute, but practical.

However, it’s not such a simple hairstyle for everyone. If you are suffering from dandruff, or a flaky and scaly scalp you probably know what I’m talking about. Wearing your hair down can make you more likely to have dandruff flakes fall on to your shoulders than if you were to wear your hair tightly secured. Being susceptible to this can maybe make you feel a little less confident to leave the house with your hair loose and flowing behind you.

But hey! I say that’s not fair! Everyone should be able to leave the house with no tight hairbands, ties or bobby pins attacking their scalp all day. Which is why it is so essential to have a great hair care regime!

Treat your scalp to care that is gentle and efficient. Our Dandruff Therapy Shampoo is just that, gentle and clinically proven to instantly relieve the uncomfortable symptoms and reduce your dandruff by 50% in just 2 weeks. And if that’s not enough to make you feel free enough to wear your hair down, we also have a Scalp Lotion that works wonders on your scalp overnight!

There’s no chance that after implementing this hair care regime to your daily routine you will ever think twice again about how to style your hair before leaving the house! You shouldn’t have to worry about an irritated scalp or dry flakes falling down onto your shoulders. Your biggest worry this fall should be how much pumpkin is too much pumpkin!

And don’t forget, these products are made without steroids, parabens, or dyes and are completely cruelty free. Your hair deserves the best so give it the best! You’re going to be thanking yourself all the way until next summer! :) Check out experiences of others below.


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