How To Keep Your Skin Moisturized During Winter

Winter Skin-Care Made Easy

The winter months bring cold, dry weather that draws moisture out of the environment. Add to it icy wind and freezing snow and it’s no wonder the hair, skin and nails need extra care. Even with an effort to keep covered, dryness, chafing and chapping can be difficult to prevent. The climate lasts up to six months in many areas of the country where self care becomes paramount. Even just an hour outdoors can have an impact resulting in dry, itchy and irritated skin.

But with a little extra TLC and the right products, you can combat the elements and beat winter at its game. It begins with adding back hydration and maintaining it all season. Start with the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. Some areas of the body need more attention than others, like the hands or face. But, you should still give care to every inch to help safeguard hydration.

Even just a minimal effort when you hop out of the shower in the morning or before bed at night can make a difference.

1. For the hands and feet: While the feet are often covered during winter months, they’re still subject to arid conditions that can contribute to calluses, flaking and dryness. The hands tend to suffer from overexposure to winter conditions resulting in cracked, red skin. Slather both with a moisture-rich lotion or treatment to keep issues at bay. The Foot Gel by Kamedis is designed for feet, however, it can be used all over the body and hands for deep hydration to renew and moisturize. It is clinically proven to reduce dry, cracked skin, and even recommended by podiatrists for those with diabetic feet. Plus it is free of parabens and works great!  

2. For the body: Winter’s hustle and bustle can make self care a challenge. Simple, dynamic products with potent ingredients can help make it effortless and easy. Look for something that can be used from the face to toes without causing sensitivity. Start with protecting your skin in the shower by using the TOPIC Medis Cleanser that cleanses and hydrates dry, red and irritated skin. Continue moisturizing your skin with the TOPIC Calming Lotion that soothes and relieves itchy and irritated skin quickly. The Kamedis Eczema Therapy Cream (available in January) also does the moisturizing job in a single swoop while packing natural emollients and benefits. It’s also fast-absorbing so you won’t have to wait until it dries to get dressed and on your way.

Keep moisturizing products at reach throughout the day and reapply ongoing for optimal results against weather. This holds true in particular for the hands and face. Avoid using overly hot water when cleansing or washing as it can contribute to dehydration. You can also enhance your arsenal by drinking plenty of water throughout the season. A humidifier in the home or office can help battle dry air, while proper covering when outdoors will guard your skin, hair and nails and keep problems at bay.

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