Fall & Your Eczema: How to Prepare

Fall is creeping up on us and we are here to help you prepare to protect your skin these dry fall and winter months! Depending on where you are, fall could be a late summer or early winter, either way now is the best time to start caring for your skin!

It’s known that the winter is a dry time, and that a ‘dry’ forecast unfortunately entails eczema flare-ups, including symptoms of extremely dry, irritated, itchy and red skin. What really blows about eczema during the fall and winter months is that while it’s dry, it’s cold and you are having to bundle up with scarfs, sweaters and gloves... Which happen to irritate the most sensitive places on your body (neck, arms, elbows, and hands). Making your eczema flare-ups that much more difficult to deal with.

That’s why during these coming months you need to preplan and protect your skin before the flare-ups even come to exist!

The goal of the Eczema Therapy Wash and Cream is to restore the natural protective barrier of the skin and to provide instant relief from dry, itchy and irritated skin. Getting a jump start on repairing your skin and relieving the symptoms will allow you to enjoy the changing of the seasons that much more! Think about it like soldiers going through training before a war, your skin is made up of soldiers and the dry months are the war... Get it? Yeah? Okay... I’m sure you do so let’s get down to business!

The best part about getting your skin ready for the coming months is that our ‘training’ i.e. prep work is so easy! Giving your tender skin a quick wash when you’re in the shower with the Therapy Wash and afterwards a nice, rich lather of the Therapy Cream (that instantly absorbs into the skin!) is all you need to get you ready to enjoy a autumn filled with chunky sweaters, autumn leaves and warm nights by the fireplace with hot chocolate and a good book! Make dry, itchy and irritated skin NOT one of your worries this fall and keep your skin strong and protected through these coming months and through the winter until we get back to summer time!

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