Preventing Painful Eczema With Botanical Skin Care Products

I remember having severe eczema as a kid so I feel for my son and buy products that will prevent flare-ups. My eczema was so bad as a kid that I kept my hands in my pockets all winter. My hands were a source of embarrassment for me as no one wanted to sit near me after they saw my dry cracked bleeding hands. I remember countless doctor trips and the doctor telling my mom to try another over the counter cream that was supposed to help my painful skin. The problem was that the ingredients in the so-called eczema creams were just making my skin worse as my skin was ultra sensitive. I hated having sensitive skin as a kid and it did not get better until I was an adult and I moved out of my parent's house. A doctor also prescribed a steroid cream that cleared my skin. I later learned that I was allergic to mold and had other chemical sensitivities.

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