Kamedis brings the gift of nature to your skin

Often, when we think of relieving, the image that comes to mind is artificial and luxurious. Quality is determined by the price tag, and results vary across different individuals. Especially for skincare, finding the perfect cream  is a gamble. But despite the risks, there is always one solutions we can rely on – natural ingredients.

For decades, scientists have been researching how nature is integral to health. Eating healthy drastically reduces disease risks while spending time outside improves mental well being and cognition. On the basis of skincare, botanicals are the best option since many plants have the skincare relieving characteristics. Now, when it comes to choosing the best cream or wash, you might be overwhelmed: every product claims to be “natural”, and every product claims to "heal" your skin. However, with these two simple steps, it’s possible to cut out the fluff and focus on the highest quality products.

First, know what to look for. Certain off-the-counter products contain synthetic fragrances, preservatives, and lightening agents, and it’s important you’re aware of how these ingredients interact for the skin. Additionally, especially for pricier creams, research the claims before emptying your wallet. If the label brags about collagen, know that rubbing collagen on your skin does not actually restore skin elasticity - or health - in general. The second step is understanding your own skin type. Different conditions require different handling, so knowing exactly what you want to relieve is crucial to restoring healthy skin. If you don’t know your skin type, we suggest starting with samples and slowly ruling out what doesn’t work for you.

Here at Kamedis, our primary goal is to incorporate pure, natural ingredient in the products that are scientifically-proven to relieve the skincare condition. Like you, we’re tired of empty claims, and transparency is key to our model, whether it’s the ingredients we use or our clinical studies. Again, unlike other brands, the natural botanical we provide is not just a label; it’s something we pride ourselves on as our botanical extraction techniques are designed to preserve purity due to thorough research. Every product is scientifically tested before release, and every product has a unique purpose, no exceptions. We hope as you follow along our blog, you learn more about our mission to create authentic, certified, and restorative skincare. Your skin deserves the best. Your skin deserves Kamedis.

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