Eczema.. As Seen on Instagram!

Caitlyn Neier (@caitlynneier):

Mama's who have babes that struggle with eczema - this product is for you! As many of you know who have followed me for awhile, Scarlett has always struggled with eczema all over her body. We are constantly on the hunt to find effective products that help reduce flare-ups and are also safe and effective for her sensitive skin. Over the past few weeks we have started using @kamedis_skin_care eczema therapy wash and cream and I am very happy with the results! Scarlett skin has been free of eczema and the flare-ups she had have decreased a lot! I also love the fact that these products are dermatologist recommended, botanically based and never tested on animals! These products works great for babies and adults! Struggling with eczema? Try it out! #kamedis

Tiffany (@tiffany3366):

Cora has always dealt with dry, sensitive skin since she was a newborn. She also occasionally has flair ups of eczema so I’ve always tried to use very sensitive washes & lotions on her. We just started using @kamedis_skin_care Eczema Therapy Wash in the bath and then follow up with their Lotion after.
I’ve seen such a HUGE improvement in her skin that I had to share this with you all. I know many kids, as well as adults deal with skin issues like this and I’m telling you the @kamedis_skin_care is AWESOME for it!!🚿

Jasmine Dustin (@jasminedustin):

My life has been spent on planes for the past week weeks traveling to numerous countries, my skin tends to get super dry from traveling and not enough sleep. I always take @kamedis_skin_care eczema’s cream to help with the dryness. Best past of Kamedis is it’s free from all steroids, fragrances, sls, paragon and dyes. #calmeczemakamedis

Sarah (@sarah_lit):

With traveling, our routine is pretty much nada. But this is one that always comes with us: every morning and each night before bed we grab our cream to help ease Sailie’s eczema. Anyone else have poor babes that suffer from it? Breaks my mama heart! 😭 Up until about a week ago we used a medicated cream that wasn’t really cutting it - only easing the rash but not taking it away. Recently we found something that actually seems to be HEALING her skin. I wish I had a before and after to show you! It’s called @kamedis_skin_care and it’s plant-based (which means not only is it working, but I feel so much better about applying it to her precious skin)! Bonus - since it’s so safe, we can all use it to calm rashes or dry spots (it’s even safe for babies)! So thankful we fiiiinally, truly, found something that works! 🙌🏼☺️ 👆🏻#calmeczemakamedis#kamedis .

Ashley Rose (@ashleysfreshfix):

When the seasons change we seem to see a lot of skin flare ups on a few of my kids, especially with eczema. I was really excited when @kamedis_skin_care sent me some of their CALM Eczema Therapy Cream to see how quickly it helped my kids skin. It works for your entire family, adults + kids! I love that its dermatologist recommended and botanically based, because I am always looking for clean products to use in our home. Because this CALM Eczema Therapy Cream has zero steroids I knew it was great. #Kamedis #CalmEczemaKamedis

Casey Marie (@acesinsquares):

Finally a brand that provides us with relief and improvement for this clean beans eczema. @kamedis_skin_care has created products that are the perfect balance between nature and efficacy. Harrison's eczema spots were so rough on his chest and back, since using #kamedis skin care products I notice a big improvement. #calmeczemakamedis

Natalie (@kindavoguish):

I don’t talk about it much because it makes me self conscious, but I’ve struggled with eczema since I was a baby. It’s been one of the most difficult things I’ve ever faced. When I had baby A, I was so relieved that he never got so much as a patch of dry skin. When I had baby B, however, it broke my heart to see his sweet skin broken out all across his chest. Thankfully most of it has cleared up, but I still have to be super careful about what I use on his sensitive skin.
I’m big into natural remedies, so when @kamedis_skin_care reached out about having us try their Eczema Therapy Cream & Body Wash, I was super excited. This botanically-based line contains no steroids, fragrances, dyes or parabens, is safe for babies, and clinically proven to reduce eczema flares by 50%! I’ve even seen improvement with my own skin, which is amazing!!  #kamedis#calmeczemakamedis

Annie Mescall (@anniemescall):

Liam has had eczema ever since he was born and I’ve honestly never seen these rashes before. My siblings and I didn’t have eczema growing up. Liam randomly gets these rashes and I’ve been using Kamedis Eczema Therapy Cream to prevent dryness and itching. The Therapy Wash comes in handy during bath time too. Kamedis products are dye, fragrance, and steroid free. I’ve shared these two natural products with my expecting mother friends and now I’m sharing them with my Instagram Family. #eczema #crueltyfree

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