Back 2 Skool

New backpacks, binders, crayons and markers it’s time for getting back to school! But before you send your kids off to roam the halls of yet another school year, here is one essential you should keep in mind when getting them ready for a year of success.

Let us go back a bit to the past, back to when you were in those early teen/preteen years. Whether you were one of the lucky ones to suffer from acne for a short period of time, or you pulled the short stick and suffered through most, if not all of your teenage years, you know the straight up fear and stress a young student has when a pimple (or worse, a breakout) pops up on their face. At this tender and sensitive age of sudden self-awareness, a simple face blemish can lead themselves to believe and get distracted by the idea that everyone is looking at that pimple and that pimple only, and probably going to go talk about it with their friends!!!

I’ll be super honest here, whenever I had a serious acne breakout back in high school I would pretend to be sick just so I could go home and avoid feeling like everyone was looking at me. I thought I was the only one who felt this way and did crazy things to avoid embarrassment yet funny enough, later I found out that most all of us had done the same! If only we had known that everyone is too distracted by their own insecurities to really notice anyone else’s we would have been way more confident and care-free!

Fortunately for these teens of today, they have Kamedis! A skincare company that was started because of the personal connection and understanding of skincare issues like acne. Not only do we get the struggle and understand the embarrassment, but we also understand the root of the problem and we found the answer to solve it.

Kamedis acne treatment is designed to balance the skin’s sebum production and get quick results. Which is such an essential when dealing with teens’ oily skin. The acne cleanser uses an oily-free formula that gently washes the skin careful to not irritate or dry out. Then is the acne moisturizer that is exactly how it sounds, it is a light cream that moisturizes and fights acne at the same time. The best part is that you can take this moisturizer with you to school so you can apply throughout the day! And the last hero of the trio is the acne spot treatment. Clinically proven to reduce acne blemishes in 12 hours! This 3-pack acne treatment kit is the answer to teens’ prayers!

Now, today’s teens aren’t going to have to go through the same process of awkwardly trying to hide pimples and acne breakouts with their hands, scarfs and hair hoping that during their presentation no one starts pointing and laughing (dramatic, right?). And finding out only later that acne isn’t the end of the world. Lucky them!

So make sure to prepare your teen with this Back 2 School essential so they can have a confident school year!

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