How to Finally Treat Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis)!

Incessant itching.

Sleepless nights due to incessant, relentless, impossible-to-satisfy itching.

If you can’t relate, you probably haven’t suffered from an eczema (aka Atopic Dermatitis) flare-up.

We’re sure you already feel as though you’ve tried everything there is to try, but we’re here to provide you with a few more tips you might not know about yet.

Try following all these tips and tricks in conjunction with a good skin care routine in order to give your skin the best chance at soothing relief.

Actions to Take When a Flare Up Occurs:

Itching caused by eczema is insufferable, and at times uncontrollable.

But it is still important to avoid itching as much as possible. So, what to do when we are itching all over?

Here are a few methods:

  • Cool the body down – turn on your AC during the summer, take a walk when it is cooler outside, or take a cold shower.
  • Cool the specific area with a cold compress.
  • Compresses of vinegar and water (vinegar to water ratio 1:10).
  • Wet bandage - relieves the inflamed area and calms itchy skin.
  • If your child is the one suffering and itching - try to distract them! Give them different games to play with that involve their hands. You can also give them soap bubbles - the act of blowing them will help them breathe more deeply and that way, relax.

Eczema Treatment – Yes Please!

I think it is time to talk about the most important thing here – treatment. I'm sure you've asked yourself more than once, what would be the BEST treatment?

Steroids is a well-known form of treatment for eczema.

However, this form of treatment has a lot of negatives to it. Starting with, it might lead to side effects. Younger or older, steroids can have side effects you weren’t prepared for.

Another downfall to steroids?

Your body can get used to them after a while and make them ineffective in relieving/treating your eczema.

Unlike steroid-based products, Kamedis' relieving Eczema Therapy Wash and rich Eczema Therapy Cream are both based on natural ingredients, and work WITH the skin rather than on it.

You can get calming relief from itching, redness and irritation WITHOUT using steroids. Our cream and wash work together to efficiently and thoroughly soothe and nourish the skin, bringing it back to it’s natural balance.

With our pledge to purity, our ingredients keep our products safe for everyone 6 months and older. Perfect for the face, neck, hands, elbows and knees. Both products are for use on the entire body, keeping your skin feeling great from head to toe.

Our extracts from specifically selected TCM botanicals are produced in our Kamedis labs using the Calm Botaniplex™ system.

This is a patent pending skin restoring system that recovers the skin's moisture barrier.

How to Prevent Future Flare-Ups

Aside from using our recommended Eczema Therapy Wash and Cream to keep your skin’s natural barrier balanced and healthy, there are some lifestyle steps you can take to better your chances at avoiding another rough flare-up.

  1. Don’t Overexpose in the Sun - Although a few minutes in the sun can be good on eczema, it’s good to keep it at just that. Too long in the sun and you can dry out your skin, leading it to be sensitive to another flare-up.
  2. Drink Water! - Hydrating your skin from the inside is just as important as hydrating from the outside.
  3. Take lukewarm showers - Avoid stripping your skin of it’s natural hydrating oils by taking showers with lukewarm water.
  4. Wear Loose Fitting Cotton - Fabric can play a huge part in skin irritation, use a loose-fitting cotton to avoid clinging or itching from your clothes.
  5. Change Sheets Often - Dirt, dust, sweat and other external particles can also play a part in flare-ups. By keeping your bed sheets clean, you are keeping your skin clean of these factors.
  6. Find Ways to Relax! - So important! Stress plays a HUGE role in everyone’s skin care journey. Finding a way to relax is essential in your mission to happier and healthier skin.



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